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Making a Positive Impact

My road to personal training grew out of my own personal struggles. Fitness had once been a major part of my life; it came very easy to me. Then something changed. I fell out of touch with my drive and found myself in an unhealthy body. I had a moment of self-reflection, realizing I needed to grab hold and make changes. I knew that my habits could lead to lifelong ailments—diseases that had plagued those closest to me.

That was January 2015. Until that point, I had allowed an unhealthy lifestyle to take hold. So I spent the following years learning, growing, and attacking my bad habits. I worked out at the gym, but with reasonable, sustainable goals—not star-struck with false hope, punishing my body in the process. I went on to develop a stable relationship with food, eventually building a healthy body from that accomplishment.

I carry this drive with me, for every client I reach. I remember the small battles that led to the victory of bigger wars. I love taking clients to lengths that they had never imagined. For me, there is no greater feeling than seeing the look on someone’s face when they see a reflection in the mirror that they had only dreamed of. This is what drives me.

Certified through the Nation's leading Personal Training Institute. Receiving a diploma in personal training and a certification in nutrition. The National Personal Training Institute is the nation's most hands on, practical training institution. Receiving hundreds of hands on training hours, with many more in experience. I am CPR/AED and shock certified.



Get Fit Responsibly


 Whether it’s losing weight or bulking and toning, my personalized programming will improve your health and have you looking amazing. You’ll see an improvement in your performance with obtainable goals.


The personalized hands on approach I’ve developed will help address your health and wellness concerns. My focused approach considers all aspects of ones health journey. A combination of strategic and functional exercises, balanced with healthy diet adaptations will drive you to your wildest goals.


Cant make it to my region? Why miss out on the best opportunity to reach any of the goals you may have. Get assesed and receive customized programming, for your goals. Right at your favorite gym.



Hear What Others Have to Say

Paulo Is a force to be reckoned with!! Paulo is a great trainer, fun to be around, motivates me to fight whenever I want to stop. His knowledge is not only limited to physical exercise. With a background also in nutrition, he understands the importance of overall wellness. There isn't another trainer who cares and is as passionate. I love my progress and I am not going anywhere. Thank you Paulo for your dedication and pushing me to keep the fight going!

Adam O.

Before I met Paulo I was lost in the gym. Fitness was always something I knew I wanted to tackle, but I was not sure where to begin. Paulo approached me and gave me the direction I was looking for. I have lost over 40lbs working with him. It is his approach to motivating you, and concern for your health. He has shown me, time and time again, that he wants nothing but the best for me and all the people he has helped during their fitness journey.

Jonathan Smith



The Loop, Chicago


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