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A Little Bit About My Journey

My battle with weight began around 7th grade. I can't tell you what started the weight gain as I was always a very active kid, but by 8th grade I was well overweight. This grew my struggle with eating disorders. Going in to H.S. I had kicked the  weight. I was once again displayed a figure of fitness. As I stepped out of my teen years in to my adult years a new sedentary life spurred my new struggle with weight. The first few years of adulthood were off and on with the gym. One thing that remained throughout were appropriate eating habits. 2015 I grabbed hold of my life, carrying me through to my now. I have been able to tackle many of my disordered eating patterns. I use balanced eating structures to combat my, what Im sure will be lifelong, battle with eating disorders. I remain steady with being active, and I have built a healthy body.

I pushed my body from an extreme of 315lbs, lost about 120lbs. And have since gained about 30lbs+ of lean muscle tissue.

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